100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Developed by Sports Scientists for elite athletes and now made accessible for the masses

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World's Best Dairy

GMO-Free & Grass-Fed

Outdoor for 80% of the Year

Award Winning Taste


Recover Quicker

Grow Stronger

Improve Performance


Low in Calories

Highest BCAA Content

Zero Fat & Sugar

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"I chose to #UPGRADETOWHEYD because in the past i've not been able to take other whey protein due to digestional discomfort but as whey'd is hydrolysed i can take it without any side effects!"

Emma McQuaid - #1 UK crossfit athlete

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Our Social Responsibility

Carbon Neutral

We offset our carbon footprint of our whey production by planting the relevant number of trees with The Woodland Trust.

Fully Traceable To Farm Source

We’re proud of our dairy source & can trace each batch of whey back to the farm that produced it!


For every serving sold, we give a glass of milk to a school child in poverty.

Ethically Sourced

Our farmers treat their cows like family & on average each cow has just under 1 acre of fresh, rich, GMO-free pasture to graze on each day.

Most sustainable dairy in Europe

Constant measuring and sharing best practices across our 1,315 family-run dairy farms mean our Irish dairy is the most sustainable in Europe.

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