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We’ve asked our amazing new whey’d athlete Lucy Majury to give us some tips for the perfect nutrition for a competition day to help you to compete at the best of your ability. We’re talking REAL food sources here – not some pumped up pre-workout for a short term hit.

Why should you listen to Lucy?

lucy majury

Lucy has taken place in many sporting events with a few recent top finishes

Lucy is a 3x CrossFit Regionals athlete
4 x World Powerlifting Record Holder
1st Alpha Games 2017 - Pairs
1st Battle of Cancer 2018

To name just a few!

Lucy is well known in the CrossFit World and has competed at a high level for 5 years allowing her to have plenty of practice and knowledge in performance nutrition. Lucy is a qualified performance nutritionist at pH Nutrition. Lucy has vast experience working with CrossFit games athletes, footballers and also the general population.

Week Leading up to competition

When prepping for a competition it's important to remember not to add anything new into your diet for the few days before and most importantly on the day as you will not know how they are going to digested in your body. Competition day is all about performance, not trying out new ways of fuelling your body or looking to improve your body composition.

You need to make sure your energy levels are fully stoked with glycogen for optimal performance ready to smash the workouts. To make sure stores are fully stocked up you should make sure you have eaten adequate carbohydrates. It is advised to add an additional 20/30g for women/men for lunch and dinner for three days before competition. This will allow your body to store the added carbohydrates for energy.

Don't chase your nutrition on the day!

It is very important to not be trying to chase your nutrition or energy on the day of your competition by eating extra because you have not eaten well during the week before. It is also important to make sure you have your food prepared for the day of competition. Some of our other top tips are:

  1. Make sure your food is the same as any other day
  2. Make sure you have plenty of snacks to eat around your meals - dates, fruit, nuts, protein bars
  3. Use easily digestible protein sources - chicken, fish, tuna, turkey, eggs
  4. Use easily digestible carbohydrates so they do not sit in your stomach - potatoes, white rice, quinoa
  5. Make sure you have protein shakes with you such as the wonderful whey’d (It’s faster digested than other whey proteins – 4x in fact!).
    1. Using liquid nutrition is advised when you have little time between WODS and you do not have time to eat and for it to be digested.
  6. Make sure you have plenty of water with you for the day
  7. NEVER go into a workout fasted!!!
  8. Keep all supplementation the same as you have been for the last few months

Post Competition

It is important to try and fill your body with lots of nutrient dense foods post competition. Focus on eating a good source of protein such as salmon, eggs, beef with lots of green veg and some smart fats. This will help lower inflammation and boost your immune system. Your risk and susceptibility to illness is increased post competition as the intense exercise can suppress your immune system.

With regards to supplementation you can use glutamine to help reduce the fatigue felt after a competition and to help muscle and immune system recovery. You should make sure you continue to take all normal supplements.

Below is an example of a game day food plan for Lucy:

7 am - Wake up, Coffee, Overnight Oats

10 am - Post first workout - Energy Ball

12 -1 pm - Sweet Potato, Chicken

3 - Mid afternoon snack between workouts - Protein Pancakes

4-5 ish - Post Last workout -  Banana, whey’d protein, almond milk shake

7 pm - Rice (or other carb source) Salmon (or other protein source) and lots of Veg

Pre Bed - Full fat yogurt, nuts and blueberries


And that's all folks! Food should be the energy and prepping in the days leading up is also key. Don't chase the carbs or sugar on the day as it will be too late!

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