Inside Scoop Featured Brand: by Humankind

Inside Scoop Featured Brand: by Humankind

sharing brands that are truly shaking up and changing the dinosaur industries is what we love!

and if we can learn and replicate some of their amazing ideas, then it’ll only better serve you too.

None are doing things in such a different way than our FIRST FEATURED BRAND - THE CARBON NATURAL & NEW YORK BASED, 'BY HUMANKIND'.

toothpaste in tablet form you say?!

'by Humankind' are focused on delivering stainable continuity, through their system of beautifully designed wash products. The high-performing, natural care products are kinder to the planet and our skin; whilst offering refills to help save the planet from single-use plastic waste- something we think brands don't do enough! 

Despite being made of natural ingredients the deodorant is 40% better than other leading 'natural antiperspirants' which goes to show; non-toxic products can perform just as well as those with complex and alarming ingredient lists. 

Check out the wonderful selection of products by Humankind here: