How To Save With WHEYD


We pride ourselves on sourcing and using the best ingredients in the world - all of which come at a cost.

We know that WHEYD is a premium brand, however that doesn't mean there aren't various ways to save as a loyal WHEYD customer!

We have 4 main ways to save, see below:

 whey protein subscribe and save

The easiest way to save on your regular orders is with 15% (£5.55) off per bag with our subscription. This is available on WHEYD and Vegan AF products.

Simply click the "Subscribe & Save" button, as below, select how often you want to receive a delivery and you're sorted! 

Our subscription is designed to be as flexible as possible.

You'll get a reminder email 48 hours before it's due, so you can either pause or skip the relevant order if you don't need any more protein powder.

You can change quantity, flavour & frequency yourself, simply by logging in.

You can also cancel any time (hopefully not though!)

What's not to love?




lactose free whey protein buy 2

We love to give you value for money, so we've brought back our bulk discounts to give those that spend more, even more money off.

Buy 2 bags and get £10. Use code BULK2

Buy 3 bags and get £17.50 off. Use code BULK3

Add to basket below.


lactose free whey protein bulk discount

For those that have a load of "WHEYD Friends" and want to stock up together, or for those that are addicted and need a SUPER bulk discount, we've decided to offer custom bulk discount quotes for 4 or more bags, or 100 or more sachets.

Click below to get a quote.

lactose free protein powder quote


lactose free whey protein refer a friend

Referring to a friend is such an easy way for you to both get money off. Simply give your friend the referral code FRIEND10 for £10 off their first order, we'll then ask them who referred them & give you the £10 reward.  Best start making more friends down the pub, I mean gym!


And these are the 4 ways to save with WHEYD, save this page for later and thank you again for your loyalty to WHEYD!