We Ditched The Scoops

We Ditched The Scoops

As you may have noticed, we think a lot about the environment, sustainability and recycling. We want to come up with more ways to make our company, products and therefore customers greener.

In doing so, we found a big problem with the way ALL protein powder is packaged… the plastic scoops.

These things are the epitome of single use plastic. 

If you're a constant buyer of protein powder, you perhaps understand the frustration of a scoop being supplied each time when you have 5 or 6 from before. That's why…

WHEYD is taking a stand against single use plastic.

Until now there hasn't been an easy way to 'not get a scoop' with a protein powder - it's just something we are all used to.
We have now stopped putting scoops in our bags, so that you can reuse what you have and save the planet from single use plastic, one scoop at a time!

So, keep that scoop!


Don't worry, the option to get a scoop is located under 'ADD TO CART' 

Now, try to hold on to that one!