Why do I do it?

Why do I do it?

It’s Adam here, the Founder of WHEYD.


I wanted to share with you a snippet into what motivates and drives myself and my team each day.


Why did I decide to enter one of the most saturated & commoditised industries to compete with brands that offer 45% discounts every week?


What is the change that I want to see in the world?


How do I want to help people overcome the same problems I had?



Right, now time to start answering questions and stop asking!



My sole mission is to help improve people’s lives for the better.


I experienced first-hand how it felt when I took a protein shake from the discounted brands…


It gave me an upset stomach and tasted horrible in the process.


All I wanted to do was increase my protein content post workout, but the sickliness and consistency of the shakes made me feel even worse!


So, I researched into how to alleviate these problems and eventually created WHEYD.


It took a while.


My daily mission now is to find those people who, like myself, are taking these protein shakes and feeling sick and bloated and to offer them an alternative.


I want people to feel better after they’ve taken WHEYD than they did before.


It’s my True North.


My daily obsession!


I want you to be relieved of stomach aches.


AND muscle aches.


To allow you to concentrate on the important things like improving your health & fitness.


Or simply helping you get out of bed the day after your weekly work football game.


This is the change I want to see in the world.


The little things such as a customer review on how WHEYD has positively impacted their life....


....are in fact, to me, the BIG things.


So, if you ever want to know the answer to the question – why do I do it?


This is why.