Why is WHEYD stomach-friendly?

We speak with lots of people who struggle to consume a typical whey protein shake without it making them feel sick, bloated and/or gassy. So when we say WHEYD is a stomach friendly whey powder they definitely need a little more convincing.

Please don’t take it from us however, click here to read our 5 Star “Excellent” rated customer reviews on Trustpilot, many of which say how great WHEYD is on their stomach. Some are included below:

I have Crohn’s disease and it has been difficult to find a protein shake that doesn’t upset my tummy. Thankfully WHEYD didn’t upset it!” Owen, Bangor.


“I’ve really seen a difference in my body, the taste is great and not left feeling bloated. Highly recommended.” – Thomas, London.

Still need convincing? Read below to find out why other protein powders are making you feel dodgy and why WHEYD will be much friendlier on your stomach.

What’s making us sick in the first place?

Long story short, the most common reason is the lactose in the whey.

Lactose is the main sugar in milk and those with a lactose intolerance simply don’t have enough, if any, of the lactase enzyme to digest it. The undigested lactose therefore then passes into the colon where it is fermented by bacteria which releases various gases that lead to bloating, gas, stomach cramps and/or diarrhoea.

Although most of us don’t suffer from a severe lactose intolerance, many of us do have some form of negative reaction to higher lactose foods/drinks, so when taking the most popular protein powder, a Whey Concentrate – which has 4% lactose, it may give us these adverse effects.

TOP TIP:  If you want to know how much lactose is in a whey powder, just look at the sugar %. The lower the better.

There are other reasons that the powders might give you an upset stomach such a poor quality dairy source (only take it if you know where it’s sourced) and/or unnecessary ingredients. Stay clear if you see the ingredients such as inulin – it’s a filler designed to make it cheaper to make.

How is WHEYD any different?

WHEYD is stomach friendly for many reasons, however there are 2 very important ones.

  1. We filter out as much of the lactose as physically possible.

99.8% of the lactose (this is for our Raw Flavour - it's 99.2% in our Flavoured Powders) is removed during production, meaning it’s suitable for those of you that are sensitive to lactose (myself included – why do you think I started WHEYD in the first place!)

  1. WHEYD is pre-digested, so it’s much gentler on your stomach & doesn’t sit undigested in your stomach/colon like other protein powders.

As a 100% Hydrolysed Whey (we never blend with Concentrate), WHEYD has gone through gentle hydrolysis whereby the amino-acids have been partially broken down. This simply means it’s much easier to digest!

It also has the added benefit of getting into your blood stream quicker to allow for a faster and more effective recovery (read more here on the effectiveness of WHEYD).

We also only use the best dairy available. Our grass-fed Irish dairy cows spend longer outside on pasture than any other cow in the Northern Hemisphere.


We’re so confident in our whey and to give you even further peace of mind, we’ve created our “WHEYD STOMACH FRIENDLY GUARANTEE”.

So if for whatever reason you don’t get on with our powder, we’ll give you a full refund. 

Other tips for avoiding an upset stomach

Here are some other simple tips, to ensure your stomach stays happy with every shake:

  1. Only mix your powder with water or lactose-free/ plant milk
  2. Only take a 100% Hydrolysed Whey & avoid protein blends (it might say it’s Hydrolysed on the front, but if it’s mixed with a Whey Concentrate, it’ll have some lactose in)
  3. As a guide, ensure sugar per serving is very low/trace
  4. Sip slowly on your drink. Drinking too quickly can mean swallowing extra air which can lead to gas & bloating
  5. Wait around 30 minutes after your workout before drinking your shake. When you exercise your blood flow is diverted away from your internal organs and out to your muscles. When this happens, your digestive system doesn't get the resources it needs to properly digest food

So next time you hear someone say “I can’t have dairy, so I’m not going to try that protein shake”, hit them with this knowledge and point them in our direction.

Our mission is to create a community of people who can supplement their active lifestyles with the purest quality, stomach friendly whey and feel even better than they did before they took it.


It's important to note that everyone is different and although we've had no complaints so far out of the thousands of people helped, due to brands historically misleading customers with untested health claims, we need to make it crystal clear that WHEYD is not scientifically proven to not make you bloated in any way. We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee if WHEYD isn't for you, but we've not had a refund anyone yet!