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About us

Our whey'd

Our whey'd is sourced from Irish dairy cows. Why? Because they graze outside twice as much as cows in the UK due to the best grass growing conditions in the northern hemisphere. This means they're outside for nearly 300 days a year and are 100% GMO free.

They produce whey that is richer in the essential protein nutrients that directly improve your muscle growth, repair, refuelling AND recovery. Our whey is Hydrolysed so it’s served to your muscles quicker & is easier on the stomach, meaning a faster recovery & happier gut!

To prove our whey is the best choice for you, we've compared it to the 3 most popular whey protein powders on the market... and whey'd wins on every count!

whey protein

Our founder

whey’d was founded by Adam French, London based fitness & health fanatic with a background in Sports Science & Nutrition.

grass fed whey protein

“Frustrated with the overcomplicated current brands, abundance of poor quality whey powders & difficultly when taking powder on-the-go, I set up whey’d to make protein convenient.

whey’d reflects my passions and values: appreciation of only the highest quality ingredients, affinity for a simpler product and a belief that companies should make the world a better place.

No gimmicks or falsely marketed products. Only the purest whey; nice and simple.”