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With a name that was born to be in lights, PD is already a veteran at the European CrossFit Regionals and even placed 10th in 2018 as an individual athlete amongst Europe’s finest. He’s also consistently one of the UK’s top CrossFit athletes (2nd Fittest UK Male in 2018) and has plenty more to come!


  • 2 x Regionals Team Athlete with CrossFit 8020 (2016 & 2017)
  • 2018 Individual Regionals athlete – finishing 10th place (2nd Fittest UK Male)
  • Filthy Fifty – 3rd in 2014, 1st in 2015, 2nd in 2016 & 2018

“I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because I wanted to use the cleanest high quality whey I can. It’s trusted by informed sport and believe it’s the best whey product on the market. I also love the ethical stance they have, giving back to charity and minimising their carbon footprint.”

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A World Champion Quad Bike racer, Commonwealth Games athlete and 1st-class CrossFitter. Finishing 19th in the world for the 2018 Open, Emma is on track to set the CrossFit world alight in 2019. 



  • 1st - Filthy 50 2018
  • 1st - European Championships 2018
  • 1st - Athlete Games, London 2016
  • European/Meridian CrossFit Regionals - 10th in 2018, 7th in 2017 & 6th in 2016
  • 4th - Weightlifting at Commonwealth Games 2018  

"I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because in the past I've not been able to take other whey protein supplements due to the digestional discomfort, but as whey'd is hydrolysed and has only 0.7% lactose, I can take it without any side effects and can reap the benefits of a high quality protein supplement!"

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Voted by many as the ‘man to watch’, Jak has been a regular at CrossFit Regionals since 2014 and was part of the first ever British team to make the CrossFit Games in 2017, finishing 15th with CrossFit JST. Let’s hope enhancing his post-workout recovery will be the final jigsaw piece to getting him to the CrossFit Games in 2019!

jak cornthwaite

  • 5 x Regionals Athlete 2014-2018 (3 Team, 2 individual)
  • 1 x Games Athlete 2017 (CrossFit JST – 15th place Games, 1st place Meridian Regionals)
  • Top ranked UK athlete both times when competing as individual at Regionals (Placing 8th overall in 2018)

“I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD for my own athletic reasons: because it's the highest quality there is which will only help me recover faster & stronger (without making me gassy). At the same time, as the son of a milkman and a farmer, giving a glass of milk per serving to children in poverty is pretty cool! It's also great how environmentally friendly whey’d is; planting trees to offset their carbon footprint and making sure the farmers they use are the most sustainable there is, helps others to become more sustainable. We are in a time where we have to think a little more about where we are buying from, upgrading to whey'd was a no brainer!”

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Lucy’s CV talks for itself in demonstrating her ability to compete and win at the highest level. Add to this the fact that she’s a Performance Nutritionist at pH Nutrition working with elite athletes each day on perfecting their nutrition. We’re so happy to have her on-board and also check out her latest blog for whey’d on competition day nutrition!


  • 3 x CrossFit Regionals Appearances - 2 individual (2017 & 2018) & 1 team (2015)
  • 4 x World Powerlifting records 
  • 1st - Battle for Cancer Team 2018 
  • 1st - Pairs at Alpha Games 2017 
  • 1st - Superhuman Games Pairs 2017 

"I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because I choose to only use the best quality products to assist training but also because as I am a nutritionist, I know the importance of only using great quality, clean products from the best source.

I also really like the ethical stance whey’d have to giving back to charity and helping the environment! This is so important these days!”

Instagram - @lucymajury


Micky is a beast and not only can he lift big he’s also got an amazing engine too! Again, another regular at the top of the podium and one of Ireland’s finest athletes in CrossFit. Micky is also pushing hard for a Games 2019 spot and it will be great to see him battle it out with the other whey’d athletes to get there!


  • 1st – Filthy 150
  • 1st – Celtic Cup 
  • 1st – Capital Games 
  • 1st – Celtic Unison 
  • 1st - Irish Fitness championships
  • 21st in CrossFit 2018 Open (Europe region)

     "I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because not only is it the best tasting whey around, it’s also the cleanest, highest-quality whey out there and I’ve seen visible signs of improvements in my performance in just a few short weeks. I also love the ethical stance whey’d have to giving back to charity with a glass of milk going to a child in poverty for every sachet sold”

    Instagram - @m1ckysm1th


    At the tender age of 21, Evie has been doing CrossFit since she was 15, and doing it very well! She’s already achieved a lot including coaching CrossFit in the Caribbean and is now looking to explode onto the scene in an even bigger way in 2019. We’re hoping whey’d will help her achieve such greatness.

    Evie is also part of the amazing JST Programming team so she definitely knows her stuff.


    • 5th - CrossFit Games Teen Division in 2013
    • 1st – Team at Decided We Fall

    “I choose to #UPDATEtoWHEYD because I want the products I’m taking to be completely clean and to the highest quality standard. I also love the ethical stance whey’d has by giving back to charity and reducing their carbon footprint.”

    Instagram - @evie_hollis


    Another name to remember for all the right reasons, Josh has proven his calibre in a very short space of doing CrossFit. If there's one thing you should remember about Josh, and no it’s not just his lovely hair, is that he's strong! Evidence of such at The World Championships in 2018 - winning both strength events against the best in the business!


    • 2018 Regionals Team Athlete
    • 8th in UK CrossFit Open in 2018
    • 1st – Strength winner at The World Championships 2018
    • 1st – CrossFit Team Series European Winner 2018
    • Wodapalooza Elite Qualifier for 2019 Event

    "I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because it is a great brand with high quality ethical products that serves only the cleanest form of WHEY. The taste is incredible and the company backing charity organisations is something I’m truly behind."

    Instagram - @joshuaalchamaa


    The only Welshy of the whey'd team, Tayla knows here way around a barbell and has lifted some heavy weights on the very biggest stages including winning the British Weightlifting title in July 2018. Get ready to see Tayla go big on the CrossFit scene & we have high hopes for her at CrossFit Strength in Depth in Feb '19 (especially as she came 4th in the qualifiers!)


    • 1st – British Weightlifting title 2018
    • CrossFit 2018 Regionals (Team)
    • Commonwealth Games 2018 for Wales - finishing 6th. Highest placed British athlete

    "I chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD because previously I wasn't getting the sufficient nutrition for optimal recovery after my workouts. One of the main reasons for switching to whey'd however was that I can easily tolerate it as opposed to other whey protein powders that made me feel sick - whey'd is the first and only whey I've been able to drink without any side effects!

    I also only look to take products that are safe and with whey'd being Informed Sport tested it's a perfect match!"

    Instagram - @tayla_howe


    Quite simply the best track record of any UK CrossFit team - being the first & only team to make the CrossFit Games in 2017, finishing in an amazing 15th place & winning the European Regionals along the way. Not only do they know how to win, they also know their programming, with JST Programming being one of the best CrossFit Programs in Europe.

    team crossfit jst


    • First & only UK Team to make it to the Games in 2017
    • 5 x Winners of Strength in Depth & 3 Teams competing in Feb 2019!

    "Team JST Compete chose to #UPGRADEtoWHEYD to help give our athletes the best chance to fuel and refuel their lead up to competition as well as helping supply vital nutrients on the competition weekend! We love their philosophy and how clean their products are! Only the best products for the best athletes!"

    Instagram - @team_crossfit_jst