Is your gym closed and you’re out of pocket?

 Let’s work together to get through this.
#FUNEMPLOYED by WHEYD is a scheme whereby you help sell and distribute our products to people in your local area.

And you’ll earn commission for doing so.
On average, coaches are earning up-to £150 a week.
We’re also give you a discount code to give to people to help you sell more.
Lucky for you WHEYD is moreish so there are plenty of repeat orders.

What do you need to do? 

  1. Email adam@wheyd.com to state you're interested
  2. We'll send you a simple form to fill out
  3. We’ll review and then send you marketing collateral, some tips and an order form
  4. We’re happy to have a quick intro chat as well
  5. Then it’s over to you to sell the WHEYD!
Each week you send us the order form & once we’ve been paid, we’ll ship the product to you and you distribute to people’s homes (we give a guidance on how to be COVID-19 compliant).
You then get paid once distributed.